Friday, October 10, 2014

Make some winter's-a-comin' plans :)

Firstly, a mesage from SDA "HQ":

from SDA Director Astrid Hilger Bennett

We'd like to honor 2 longterm Canadian Area Reps for their outstanding contributions to SDA while also announcing 2 who will step up to take over in these active local groups.

JENNIFER LOVE will step down after 10 years as Area Rep for BRITISH COLUMBIA on November 15. 

 An exemplary team leader, she fostered local groups in various areas of BC, spearheaded a blog & website + several outstanding exhibitions. She encouraged groups to flourish by providing communication tools and feedback. Quiet and unassuming, she gives the credit to her talented team - but we all know her leadership was key. She'll continue to serve on SDA-BC Executive Committee and as co-coordinator of Vancouver/Sunshine Coast SDA meetings while also finding more creative studio time and running a small resort.

 SHEILA WEX will take over as BC Rep. 

She creates small-scale textiles using hand stitching & natural dyeing. She's keen to grow SDA membership while strengthening communication between area groups to enhance idea-sharing & learning. Her passion for community fuels her talent for bringing people together and building bridges.

KARIN MILLSON, Area Rep for ALBERTA for almost 3 years, has grown local SDA membership from a handful to over 53 today . 

Her passion for all things fiber + local community-building is largely responsible for this spectacular growth. She recruited energetic team members like Arlee Barr to update the local SDA-AB blog. A UK native, Karin has lived in the Mid-East, Canada - and will now be moving yet again.

LESLIE BARNES will take over as new Area Rep for Alberta on 10/15 - after collaborating with Karin for the last few months. 

She writes, " When not procrastinating, I dye threads and fabric for hand-stitched pieces and am experimenting with printmaking and inks on fabrics and papers."


Please join SDA Board & Staff in extending gratitude to all of these exemplary volunteers and champions of textile arts advocacy!


 You have plenty of time to enter this:

Calls for Entry:

NOTE: This is not just for weavers, or only weaving being submitted or accepted.

International Call to Fibre Artists: Velocity of Textiles
Entry Deadline: March 1, 2015
Entry Fee (Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild): $35.00

The Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild is pleased to announce an international exhibition of art that references and/or uses fiber, fiber techniques and fiber technologies in innovative ways.

Concept: Work that reflects the forward trajectory of textiles within a twenty first century intersection of conceptual innovation, new and old techniques and materials, coupled with traditional attention to craftsmanship

Click here to find out more.

But not so much for this :)

 On the Wild Side: Call for Submission

Calling fibre artists and artists working in all media whose work is inspired by fibre art. The theme of this exhibition surfaces around the concept of “wild” and may be associated with nature, landscape, the unknown, the unexplored, loss of control, uncivilized behaviour, strong experiences etc., but can also be interpreted as literally or as liberally as desired.

On the Wild Side is co-curated by fibre artists Jennifer Tsuchida and Mary Dyja. Please email your submissions to or Artists are eligible to submit up to three projects created within the last two years. Artworks in progress and proposals for new works are welcome.

Please submit the following:

• A maximum of six jpegs comprised of one full image and one detailed image per project submitted (each image should be 72 dpi and no larger than 1MB). Please name and number each file (i.e. 01_ArtistName_ArtworkTitle.jpg)
• An image list
• An artist statement (multiple statements are permitted if necessary)
• Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Please submit your entries before 5pm EST on Monday, November 3rd, 2014. All shipping costs are to be paid by the artist. There is no cost to submit, but there is an administration fee of $40 per accepted work.

The exhibition runs from November 26th – December 6th with an opening reception on November 27th.


ONE DAY ONLY: Come check out the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair! A special 1 day event for all things yarn and fibre arts related - classes, demos, vendors, door prizes, and contests!  
Saturday, November 8  Bridgeland Riverside Community Association  917 Centre Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 0C6


  1. The Fibre Arts Show Nov 8th.....any idea what time?

  2. Call the Bridgeland Community Association


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