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What's going on... May

Shortly I will be posting about a lecture, by Jason Pollen, in Calgary next month.
Likely date 6th June in the evening. So pencil it on your agenda NOW.
I can't say more till I have signed the papers.
Keep an eye on your inbox for details of venue, time and how to obtain tickets.
I will be out of circulation for the months of June and July.
Contextural Residency at ACAD and Jason Pollen's visit will devour my time.
In the meantime I hope to post a blog entry about what we all get up to during the workshops with Jason. 30% of workshop participants are SDA members!  Many are coming from across our province as well as BC, SK and the USA.  Many nationalities will be represented as well, it will be a wonderful mix of talents, cultures and experience.  Come and say hello to me if you are one of the lucky ones.

So, forgive me, but the next monthly newsletter will be in August.
A lot will have happened in the meantime so be sure to send me some images and a short write-up of worskhops you attend/give in Alberta or highlights of your travels around the globe and surface design wow moments from your holidays.  We are all looking forward to hearing from you.  Help me make this a colourful blog.
Contextural have moved their exhibition to Resolution Gallery in Kensington, Calgary.
Opening is 17th May, but the show is up and viewable now.
Members of Contextural have developed this show (originally housed in the Epcor windows) by creating more miniatures to complement an already diverse and exciting demonstration of practises and concepts on the theme "Have Work Will Travel."

Blub book (exhibition catalogue) available here to view or buy, but there is nothing like seeing the works in person.

This e-invite has all the information.  Location: Calgary.  Please let me have information about other groups across the province that are exhibiting.  This blog is not intended to be a Calgary-biased.

Fibre art at Lougheed House, Calgary   Alberta Society of Artists Gallery presents "Fibre Works" Celebrating Fibre at Lougheed House, Calgary, Alberta  May 16 to June 24/12    Opening Reception May 27  1:30-3:30PM
I am afraid I don't know how many, if any, SDA:Alberta members are represented in this exhibition. Let me know if your work will be on show there.


Shopping Highlights

Last week I spent a fun hour in the company of Joan at Kensington Arts.  Did you know they have moved (just next-door) with  Hughes on Tenth - workshop and gallery  opened in its stead, (about a year ago)?

I don't hear many people talking about the shop "Stitches" on Salt Spring Island, BC.
So I wanted to put a link in here for the products/shopping page.  I am drawing attention to this shop because of the wide range of items that they stock.  These are useful to traditional and extreme stitchers/dyers/printers and more...
They are also noted on the resources directory at right.
Of course it isn't in Alberta and mail order does entail certain extra costs, but I don't  think we have a store quite like it anywhere closer.  Let me know if you know of one.


Workshops Big Time
Don't forget to sign up for emails from Maiwa to receive their detailed descriptions of their workshops in September/October.  Registration opens June 25th.


And this one...
if you are lucky enough to be in Britain now.... It has just opened...
It is just delicious to look at the brochure if you can't make a transatlantic trip right away.

"The Pairings II full colour brochure is now out with details on this innovative major exhibition that opens on 28 April. The inspiring work that has resulted from the commissions will form the exhibition and talks and workshops will compliment. Embroidery meets metal; ceramics meet woven textiles; wood with stitch; glass and mixed emdia.
There is also a linked symposium on May 5th with speakers that include Helen Storey, Tony Ryan, Trish Belford, David Gates, Alice Kettle to name a few. To receive a free brochure go or send an A5 SAE for £1.50 to SIT.
We welcome schools and colleges again contact SIT for details.
Supported by the Arts Council Pairings promises to excite and inspire.
Thank you"
Stroud International Textiles
Lizzi Walton

))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Annoying delineator?

I thought that Calgary was Culture Capital from March to March... but here is an Opening celebration in... May!!!

"Dear Cultural Champion,

Welcome to the Cultural Capital of Canada!   Our city earns this designation through the work of cultural creators and cultural supporters like you.  Thank you for everything you do in support of Calgary’s rich cultural life.  

In the year ahead, we will come together to celebrate Calgary’s culture in so many different ways – through the voices and expressions of our artists, historians, cultural and community organizations.  Most importantly, we will do this through every Calgarian actively participating in creating and celebrating together.  You, and your cultural organization, will continue to play a major role in this ongoing mission.

100 years ago, Calgary was a city that was thinking about its future.  As we mark our year as Cultural Capital of Canada and celebrate 100 years of the Calgary Stampede, Calgary Public Library and City of Calgary Recreation, we come together to celebrate what we have achieved, and imagine together what our next 100 years will bring.

On behalf of myself and Michael Green, Curator & Creative Producer, we are extending a personal invitation for you, and your cultural co-workers, to attend the “Sweet City Opening Celebration” on May 11 in honour of our year as Cultural Capital of Canada. We hope you will be able to join us and we look forward to celebrating with you! "
Karen Ball
Executive Director, Calgary 2012

Nice one from Jennifer Love in BC.
BLOOM magazine: I came across this website via India Flint's blog and it is really worth a look - some very inspirational photos (do scroll down through the pics!): . Click on Bloom 20 if you're interested in 'ecoprinting.'

Till next time...


  1. A fascinating photo array in that last link--but where do you see ecoprinting?

  2. I didn't search for eco printing. Just enjoyed the link. Ws will have to ask Jennifer.


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