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Visit Whyte Museum, Jan 2012

A crowd of textile artists descended on Banff last week and was treated to an informative talk by Barbara West on her work (shown in a previous post), and that of others from the Bow Valley Fibrearts group, exhibited at the Whyte gallery.  We then toured the rest of the exhibits on our own and I present below one or two examples of what we saw.

A large section of the main space was given over to the work of  Mary Garnham Andrews Master Weaver.   Most enjoyable to me were the collection of Xmas cards displayed in large cases as shown below.  These demonstrated her design ability and sense of fun which complemented well the bolts and large swatches that filled the remainder of the gallery. Stunning.

The work of the Articulation group was inspired by items in the Whyte Gallery's collection.
Only a small number of the pieces on show are illustrated below.

Preserved impression 4 is the work of Donna Clement, who chose as her subject, The  world famous Burgess Shale Formation.

 Ingrid Lincoln produced Illusion a delicate fabric of machine made lace based on the wedding dress of Georgina Luxton.

 This stunning piece by Vicky Newinton was inspired by a beautifully glass-beaded jacket in the collection.

Preservation by Wendy Klottz, machine embroidery and appliqué.

This from the show catalogue, and I quote "Wendy Klotz is exploring different presentation mechanisms to place physical separation between some of the layers.  Inspiration for her work comes from the natural beauty of Canada together with ecological and social issues that speak to her heart."  This is clearly evident in her work:-

Lesley Turner's installation Valuing Women's Work was inspired by a tea service in the Catherine Whyte House.

Gloria S Daly was inspired by the book Rocky Mountain Madness: E.Cavell, J.Whyte
Glacier 42"h x 38"w
Hand dyed indigo cotton & silk rushing
Hand embroidered (French Knots) and machine quilted

Wendy, Donna, Ingrid, Gloria and Lesley are SDA members

( If you would like your work highlighted here please don't be shy.  Send me an image and a short description and I will upload them for you.)

Call for Proposals

For Surface Design Association 2013 Conference
In San Antonio Texas

The 17th International Surface Design Association conference will be held June 6–9, 2013, in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The Southwest School of Art will host events preceding and during the conference.  Pre-conference workshops will be held June 1–5 and post-conference workshops will be June 10–14, 2013.

Proposals for 2013 presentations/demonstrations, exhibitions, and workshops will be accepted online January 17–March 1, 2012.

Complete guidelines for submitting proposals can be downloaded at


News from Alberta Craft Council
Go to their website and check out Margie Davidson's exhibition.  It is only on for a few days - don't miss her talk on the 26th Jan. if you can get there.

From SurfaceDesign - BC Blog
More news from World of Threads organizers - I hope some of you are submitting work to their exhibition. Did anyone submit work for their 2009 festival?:

Marjolein Dallinga of St-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada is our 45th "Weekly Fibre Artist Interview." (Marjolein participated the the Felt Amazing show at Urbanity last year.)
Read Interview:
Four Calls for Submissions for the 2012 Festival ends JANUARY 31st:

Gareth Bate, Festival Curator, World of Threads Festival

Location:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For those of you who maintain (or would like to..) a sketchbook practice, you may be interested in these blogs/websites that I came across today: 


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